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25, Virgo, Россия, Пермь
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Important details of LetYou
Sex Female
Sexual Preference Straight
Age 25
Height < 5' [150cm]
Weight 90 - 100 lbs [40 - 45 kg]
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Languages Russian, English
Hometown Пермь
Pubic Hair Hairy
Bust Medium
Butt Medium
What makes me horny
About me
russion matryoushka...25 yo. I like nature walk
What turns me off
What I do on webcam
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My dream

I want to have a calm and prosperous future.

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to go to the sea
to go to the sea
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Comments (234)
Two girls, while I was stalking you. Began pursuing me.

The same places I visited, searching, memorizing...they were there.

Eventually at a bar, they pushed me into the bathroom.

Laughing and giggling, they demanded that I rate their breasts. I could not leave until I obeyed.

They told me they were sisters. Step sisters. They were not related by blood, but marriage.

I said they looked too young and that I would get in trouble looking at them naked...

They said their ages were 17 and 19...
They were even younger than I thought. This made me instantly hard.

I made sure the door to the bathroom was locked and I told the 19 year old girl, Nadya, to take off her bra and lift up her shirt. She obeyed eagerly.

When she lifted up her shirt, I could see her breasts were large, but her nipples were small. I stroked her hips and stomach. Then, I held her voluptuous breasts, squeezing and massaging.

Her eyes never stopped looking directly into my eyes...I loved this confidence..
Nadya lowered her shirt with a smirk and said, "Now her. Do you like mine better, or hers?"

Her sister, Anastasia, held her arms above her head and said "undress me".

She was so small and look so young. I could barely believe she was 17.

I lifted up her dress and removed her bra. To my surprise, she was not wearing panties.

I took her dress completely off. Her breasts were smaller, but so delicious. I kissed and sucked, her nipples getting nice and hard.

"Yes, Daddy" she said, breathless.
It was only the first time my cock was insider that I learned her true age. She was not 17, or 16...

Nadya interrupted "Who wins?"

I said it was a tie.

Anastasia said "I never lose" and began to take my belt off.

Nadya, not wanting her older sister to get all the attention, helped her and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

They told me later they fucked each other all the time, but in the bathroom, they took turns sucking my hard dick. Kissing each other with my shaft between their lips.
I ejaculated on their faces and tits and we spent the next few days together.

Their father was on a fishing trip. They had the house to themselves.

The first time I fucked Anastasia, just as my penis pushed inside, she started shaking and crying.

I fucked her pussy deeper. It was so tight, I could see pain on her face.

She told me her real age and when I tried to pull my hard cock out, she said...

"No Daddy, do not stop! I love you Daddy!'

After 45 minutes for hard sex, I came inside her.
With the city of Perm as the backdrop, the three of us fucked for days.

Nadya liked to wake me in the morning with a long slow blowjob.

Anastasia and I would talk in the garden. She loved when I would take her panties of and stroke her pussy while she told me about her friends, her cat, and how much she loved my mature cock.

Every time we would fuck Anastasia would cry. I think Nadya enjoyed her pain and would push me off her, climbing on top of me forcing me to ejaculate inside her...
I loved watching Anastasia cry. So open were her emotions.

I would give her my cock to suck on, like a baby's pacifier and it would quiet her sobbing.

The day I fucked her ass for the first time, she was so happy. Bouncing up and down on my cock...

During this time, I often thought of my pursuit of you...

Despite how much I loved watching these young girls orgasm, my penis craved to be inside you. To feel your delicious pussy gripping my shaft, with love, and passion...

I still needed you.
I am waiting for you...

I need to know you are home...alone...naked and vulnerable.

I want you to expect, to hope for, a knock on the door...

I can not handle anymore...distractions...
I am overseas right now.

Mmm…I love that you are back playing in your bedroom.

I simply cannot wait to fuck you in that bed…or the park that you visit…or the cafe you frequent…or the elevator of your building…

I know reading this makes you so wet…

I hope it is not too much of a surprise when you feel hands and arms pulling you close, ripping your clothes off…hard cock penetrating you deeply.

Mouth covered so no one will hear your cries of surprise…and pleasure…

I promise to cum inside you
Очень милая, с приятным голосом девчонка.
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